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Your family is important to you. And your financial foundation should reflect that – particularly your life insurance.

After all, you are working to build a better future for your family and loved ones and a life insurance policy is not only the cornerstone of a good financial plan but the umbrella that will protect your family’s future when you are no longer around to do so.

Just as no two thumbprints are alike, no two family situations are exactly the same, which means your life insurance needs and the needs of your neighbors and friends will be different.

So why would you buy life insurance from a company that doesn’t recognize your unique situation?


This is why should be your first stop for all of your life insurance needs. We understand that life insurance isn’t a one-size-fits all deal.

Financial Professional, Scott Storick, believes that integrity, teamwork and community service should be the model for all of his business endeavors.

More importantly, the concept of corporate responsibility is the foundation upon which Scott builds his professional relationships. It is this model that makes us confident that you cannot find a better policy – or better service – elsewhere. This is because it is our responsibility to add a personal touch to the often cold and impersonal world of life insurance.

Many agents look at policyholders as bonuses to a paycheck and underwriters tend to see applicants in terms of their risk. Don’t get us wrong; not all companies are like that. However, we know that you are more than your risk and you are more than a premium price. You are an individual and we aim to treating you as such.

This is why we started this blog; to provide you with the information you need to find out which insurance will suit your diverse needs.

We at believe that life insurance is a right for everyone and we work hard to ensure that your policy works for you and your family.

At, our responsibilities to you are:

  • Experienced agents. Our agents are the best. They keep a close watch on the insurance industry and its change. Because we are constantly educating ourselves, we are able to educate you, the customer. This means that you know that you’re getting the best coverage for your money.
  • We’re Humans. Along with being industry-experienced, our agents are real people. In an age where everything is computerized, it’s refreshing to speak to a human being who can take the time to listen to your needs and understand your unique situation.
  • We know that the key to finding the best insurance for your needs is to compare multiple companies. This is a time consuming and draining. What we promise to provide you is options, without all of the hassle. Our agents know which companies work with high risk clients, which companies don’t balk at insuring pilots, which companies are best for term insurance and which companies are excellent at providing life insurance to aging individuals. And our agents know when these companies change their underwriting standards. This means that they are easily and expertly able to compare the companies that will work for you, providing you with the best range of policy choices.


  • We listen. Another responsibility we have to you is to listen to your needs. We will take the time to get to know you and your family. Our agents pride themselves on not only helping you find an insurance policy, but caring for you and your family. The key to finding your perfect policy is to work with an agent who listens to your needs and communicates them in a way the insurance underwriters and companies will understand.
  • The Best Companies. We work with the best companies out there; companies with strong financial ratings and excellent customer reviews. If a company doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t work with them.


The bottom line is that your insurance policy is designed to protect your family. So why would you work with an agent that doesn’t care about your needs?

We aim to add a personal touch to the life insurance industry because we believe you should trust your policy, your agent and your insurance company. It’s as simple as that.

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