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There are dozens of different things that could cause you to be considered a “high-risk” applicant. These applicants are going to pay more for their policy, and in some cases they could be declined for life insurance coverage.

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The Gold Coast Difference

That’s what we do at Gold Coast. We take people who have been highly rated or even declined and find them affordable rates. In many cases we perform a life insurance prequalification.

We complete an ANONYMOUS “pre-qualification” letter with detailed information regarding your health and send it out to all our life insurance companies.

The life insurance companies will make tentative offers (or decline). We sort through all of them and present you the best one.

If you decide to apply, we get that “ pre-qualification” offer in writing and attach it to your formal application.

We work with different health issues every day and try to write as many articles as we can to help consumers understand how their health issues will affect their life insurance.

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Getting Affordable Life Insurance

As a high-risk applicant, you’re going to pay more for your life insurance. But you don’t have to pay your whole life savings to get protection. Even with a pre-existing condition, there are some ways you can grab cheaper coverage.

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First, make sure you’re following your doctor’s orders in regards to your health. Whatever health problem you may have, make sure you’re doing all you can to control it.

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Secondly, time to cut out all your bad habits. Maybe it’s late night junk food binges or smoking cigarettes.

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High Risk Life Insurance Company Rates

Life Insurance agents all use the same published rates. It doesn’t matter if you go directly to the company or use a broker like Gold Coast. What makes the difference is the health rating you obtain. That’s where an impaired risk specialist can save you A LOT of money.

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