Life Insurance in Miami-Dade County

Everyone desires a quality life free from the possibility of a financial crisis for their loved ones even after passing on. However, this dream of a better future can only be achieved by those who adequately prepare for it through efficient financial plans like a life insurance policy.

Many families suffer financially after the breadwinners pass on due to lack of adequate financial backup to take care of the dependents. The best way to avoid such a scenario is to have life insurance coverage. Life insurance is simply an agreement between two parties, the insured and the insurance policy provider.

The insured is required to pay an agreed premium while the insurer is obligated to provide death benefits to the named beneficiary of the contract after the insured passes on.

Why Should I Have Life Insurance?

In Abraham Lincoln’s words, “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” Such is the reality of life insurance as it helps you to create the exact future you want for your loved ones financially. With a life insurance plan, you don’t need to worry about the future of your family as the policy will automatically provide them with the due benefit just as it is agreed within the context of the contract.

Apart from the provision for your relatives, life insurance could be used as a means to carry on your charitable donations when you pass on. Also, as a business owner or a shareholder in a company, you may purchase life insurance in the interest of your business. It could also be used to settle alimony and child care.

For whichever purpose you’d like to own life insurance, the benefits that come with it are too immense to be ignored and almost always outweigh the premium.

How Does Life Insurance Work in Miami-Dade County

According to Miami Matters, about ten people die each day from unintentional drowning in Miami-Dade County. This is to show that many deaths here come from the least expected circumstances.

Unfortunately, Miami-Dade remains one of the places with the highest number of uninsured in Florida State with about 580,000 (22%) residents having no insurance policy.

This does not line up with the effort of the state government which has one of the best customer-centered insurance amendment bills in the country.

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The following are some of the life insurance key features you need to understand in Miami-Dade:

  1. The Death Benefits: This is the sum paid by an insurer to the relatives of an insured based on a written agreement by both parties. As an insured, you are at liberty to choose your preferred beneficiary who will have the right to claim the benefit after you have passed on.
  2. The Universal Life Insurance: This works like your bank savings account, which you can get solely as the insured person as an accrued sum amount. However, some insurance programs routinely have restrictions on withdrawal which depends on mutual insurance agreements within both parties.
  3. The Premium Payment Option: This is the feature that determines the cost and timing of your premium and how your insurer will consider the insurance cost, administrative cost, mortality cost etc. Other factors to be considered include age, occupational risk, and work hazards.



What You Should Look for When Shopping for Life Insurance in Miami-Dade County

Fast Payout Times

Before settling on a life insurance plan, ensure that the contract agreement clearly states the frequency of the payout times of your insurer. This is because the purpose of insurance is to have your benefit when the need arises. An insurance program that does not have fast payout times for its clients should be considered carefully.

Choose Your Underwriting

When buying life insurance, you could be making a future economic mistake by purchasing coverage from an insurance company that does not have leniency. Be sure to get a seasoned independent broker who is capable of getting you the best deal.

Price Plan

Pricing in life insurance is a necessary factor to pay attention to because the affordability is very important. No one wants a policy that will be too expensive to maintain.

Flexibility Options

Having great flexibility features will allow you to have a means for various insurance decisions. So when buying insurance makes sure you check on its flexibility.

Deal with the right life insurance broker

Before purchasing a life insurance policy in Miami-Dade, you will need a professional insurance broker who will put you through the process and carefully evaluate your insurance needs before offering you the kind of life insurance mostly suitable for you. Some life insurance coverage available to you includes whole life insurance, universal life insurance, and term life insurance.

How Gold Coast Life Insurance Can Help

Obtaining a life insurance policy in Miami-Dade involves many things that can be difficult to understand on the surface level by the average person. For this reason, you need expert guidance in buying and maintaining the policy. You don’t want to make a financial mistake that you will regret later in life.

At Gold Coast Insurance Life Insurance, our philosophy is a client-centered approach. Our plans are very flexible as we ensure everyone gets the best policy regardless of their social, economic or medical status. We accept members with pre-existing conditions, we don’t require a medical exam, and we accept high-risk clients. You can enjoy all these benefits as you get a free quote here and get yourself the best life insurance in Miami-Dade

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