Getting Life Insurance During Pregnancy

Getting life insurance during pregnancy should be at the top of your list. When your family is growing as a woman you may think or may not think that life insurance is a top priority but it should be one, especially when you have kids!

A top US research center analysis found out that mother is the ground of primary wage earner in more than 40% of US households, life insurance, and market research association confirmed that most US households with children under 18 have trouble meeting everyday living expenses within few months if a parent were to die.

life insurance during pregnancy
Why should both parents be getting life insurance

One of the top questions, why should pregnant woman buy life insurance?

In today’s world of life insurance, generally speaking, the younger, healthier and good habits you have, the less expensive your monthly fee will be. If you are starting a family in the mid-20s and you are in very good health you can buy a term life insurance policy and lock in a very low monthly rate for the next 10 or even 30 years.

Why should both parents get life insurance?

For the ultimate peace of mind, our advice is that every parent should get life insurance from a timely manner. Let’s say you have the primary salary in your home, how would your family make ends if you ever weren’t there to earn even one paycheck?

Also life insurance works both ways too, let’s say you stay at your home, your working wife will have to pay for childcare after you pass, in fact in a national US survey, a company found that the average salary for a stay at home mom applied to stay at home dads too (Over $162,600 Annually).

It’s difficult for any single person to raise a child on their own. Now imagine if you had to pay for daycare, a nanny, a cook, and for a person round the clock to take care of your child. How much would that cost you on top of working and paying for bills?

What is the best time to get life insurance if you’re pregnant?

It’s best to set up your plan while you are still pregnant and make time to research your options very well. But if you already had your baby, do not worry the perfect time is now! While you are thinking about life insurance and raising a child, it’s not about just you anymore. There is someone who depends on you every day and if you or your partner are no longer in the picture, how will that child survive?

How do I know how much life insurance do I need?

Generally speaking, the rule of thumb on how much life insurance you need will is 7 to 10 times your annual salary, but that isn’t always the case for everyone. The level of your life insurance policy depends on more factors, think about covering funeral expenses plus your income for a few months, if not years. Sum to cover outstanding debt or future colleague and education expenses.

Can I Get Life Insurance while Pregnant?

Life insurance companies have an entire system based upon underwriter requirements and actuary tables. When it comes to getting life insurance while pregnant, these companies are looking primarily at these factors; age, sex, weight, cholesterol levels, and previous medical history. Out of those factors, there are two that can affect life insurance rates while pregnant; weight gain and any health complications that may arise.

Pregnancy Won’t Affect Your Life Insurance Premium (Probably Not)

Life insurance companies understand that women get pregnant and that won’t be held against anyone expecting a baby. It’s imperative to follow through with a life insurance medical exam, that will not only provide you with medical exam results for your health and your expected child. Life insurance companies make adjustments for normal weight and weight gained through the pregnancy period in addition to other medical lab results. As long as you fall within the life insurance carriers guidelines, there probably won’t be any issues with life insurance premiums. Keep in mind if that you can always get rated again the following year or by another insurance company.

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Simplifying Life Insurance

When you are reasearching life insurance coverage, there are loads of different factors that you will need to take in consideration to ensure you are getting the best plan to meet your needs. Life insurance can get very frustrating and a very confusing process but we are here to help you! Our independent agents can get you life insurance quotes in no time, you can also apply online for a life insurance quote using our instant quote free system. We can give you life insurance quotes from highly rated companies across the nation all at one with one click!

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